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Sake review:modern style sake

Jun. 01. 2022
by Namazake Paul

What is “Modern” style? This is my own made up term. I see a trend of very aromatic, incredibly fruity and Ginjo in style Sake. Alone, that’s not too new, but where I think there’s a separate class is when that’s paired with a thick texture and high acidity. Some of these “Modern” sake almost feel like they are competing with wine for your glass. Please try them and let me know what you think. 

Harada Junmai Daiginjo Namachozo

From the tiny Hatsumomiji brewery and made with locally grown Yamada Nishiki polished to 50%. This is a great expression of Yamaguchi. Pours with no color but sightly hazy. Big, big Ginjo style Nama nose. Fuji apple skin. Rich textured. A bit of alcohol on the finish as this is undiluted (Genshu). If you like Gokyo, you will like this too.

Hanaabi Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku

Pours clear with just the slightest hint of lemon color as it is likely Muroka (not charcoal filtered). Big, classic nose of fresh honeydew melon. The palate is rich with thick melon juice, but I get a fascinating slate too. Finally, a bright pineapple comes on late in the mouth then it finishes crisp and harmonious. If you loved the Denshin Natsu Shizuku then step right up. 

Tenbu Junmai Ginjo

Pours clear. There’s a super expressive almost Riesling like nose of pear and apple. You can smell the acidity even on the nose. I also swear I get the sweet potato Shochu, Kagoshima is known for. In fact, the brewery makes more Shochu and even more whiskey than Sake. The palate is very plush and rich with ripe cantaloupe and finger limes. The finish is mouth coating.

Do you live in the States? Then Grab those here.