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Sake Review: Three hard core geek sake!

Oct. 09. 2021
by Namazake Paul

Tanizakura Shiboritate Honjozo Namazake 

From Yamanashi and made with a table rice, Asahi no Yume, polished to 65%. It pours clear. There’s a bold nose of sweet steamed rice with some herbal notes lurking. The palate is rich and chocolatey at first, followed by toasted rye then quite quickly comes a crisp, dry finish – a swift punch of great Sake. It’s so clean yet bold, which is actually a difficult style to make. Too often richness is accompanied by sweetness. Not here!  Pair with well salted, roasted birds and/or squash. 19% ABV.

Ryujin Oze x Rosé Junmai Daiginjo Namazake

This is crazy-style. Fermented with a yeast producing a red color. There’s strawberry yogurt on bold and highly aromatic, almost shocking nose. This isn’t a poolside sipper, instead one to contemplate with rich appetizers like cheese and foie gras. I would also pair with sweeter meat dishes such as Kalbi Beef as it dances between sweet, tart and sour in a fascinating way. 

Tamagawa “Ice Breaker" Junmai Ginjo Muroka Namazake Genshu

From the ever-fascinating mind of Philip Harper, this is actually designed to drink over ice. It’s certainly luscious, so try it simply chilled too as you “break the ice" with an aperitif. Made from Shiga from Nihonbare rice. 500ml.