Juemon Sake

Sake Review: Juemon Sake | Toshimaya Sake Brewery

Mar. 23. 2021
by Carlos Topete

Junmai-Genshu without filtration “Juemon."

Toshimaya Brewery opened the first Sake Store in Tokyo back in 1596, another small Japanese enterprise that has managed to stay alive and successful for over 400 years.

In 2019, I took a Sake Brewery tour with Sake lovers to Toshimaya Sake Brewery, located in Higashi-Murayama city. During this visit, I discovered Juemon, a rich sake whose unique characteristic is that it is once heat-treated after bottling. 

The Juemon Sake is best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly warm to enhance its taste – sommelier Kyoko Nagano, our brewery tour guide and founder of Sake Lovers

Among the specially designated names for Sake, Junmai Muroka is unfiltered, and Genshu is undiluted. Sometimes Sake is diluted (with water), but the Juemon sake is not diluted with water.

Namazake is unpasteurized Sake, but this Juemon is not “nama" (raw), and it’s heated once to stop fermentation (pasteurized).

Juemon Sake
Juemon Sake by Toshimaya Sake Brewery

The Juemon Junmai-Genshu Sake

Characteristics of the Sake

Rice:  Hattannishiki (Hiroshima)

Milling rate: Koji 55% Kake 60%

Sake Alcohol content: 17 – 18%

Sake Meter Value +3.5

Sake Pairing

A few nights ago, I invited my father in law who is Japanese and who also lived in Peru during his university years, and it was a perfect opportunity to bled three cultures  through food, Peruvian and Japanese, so we made Ceviche Peruano with Hamachi (Yellowtail), and Pisco Sour with Juemon Sake.

Juemon Sake Pairing with Ceviche Peruano
Ceviche Peruano

 Using Juemon sake for a Pisco Sour cocktail had a good result, but I recommend paring just Juemon  Sake with Ceviche Peruano.  In Japan, it is possible to find great quality fish; therefore is easy to make a great ceviche Peruano. 

To learn more about the ideal temperature to store sake visit the Japanese Sake Sake and Sochu makers Association.

To learn more about Sake and Sake Breweries you can participate in one of the Virtual Sake Brewery tours with Sake Lovers.  Follow their Facebook page to learn more about these Online Sake events.