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Sake brewery visit: Shodoshuma Shuzo in Shodoshima, Kagawa prefecture

Mar. 15. 2024
by Yuki Imanishi

A few weeks ago, we went to Shodoshima Sake Brewery!

To go to Shodoshima Sake Brewery, we need to take a ferry from Takamatsu port.

Unfortunately it was raining when we visited.

On a ferry heading to Shodoshima

If it’s a clear day, you’ll see a wonderful view of the sea.

MORIKUNI is the one and only new sake brewery located in Shodoshima island in Kagawa prefecture.

Display at Shodoshima Shuzo

“We traveled to Shodoshima in search of delicious water. And with the support by local people, we have revived the local sake of the island.
We love Shodoshima and we will protect its traditions. We will always look into the future.
We pursue the ideal sake brewing."

“With beautiful nature, culture, and gentle people. From charming Shodoshima
Proposing a rich life with sake, people gather from all over the country.
This is a new brewery that creates new encounters." – they said.

Although it is a very compact sake brewery, sake making is done with great care.

It was very fun experience to be able to see koji under a microscope.

rice polishing ratio

I traveled with customers from Taiwan.

With customers from Taiwan

The Taiwanese people listened with interest as the brewer carefully explained about rice production.

sake tasting

After the explanation, we got to enjoy sake tastings with lunch at the lovely retro restaurant attached to the brewery.

Lunch prepared at the brewery

I sincerely hope that this brewery will be a place for everyone to relax forever.

Sake display at the brewery store
sake sets