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Sake brewery tour: Matsubaya Honten in Obuse Nagano

Oct. 19. 2022
by Kyoko Nagano

If you are in Nagano prefecture and happen to be visiting Obuse area, you might not want to miss visiting this sake brewery, Matsubaya Honten.

Obuse area is a very nice scenic town including wonderful museum like Hokusai-kan museum (if you love Ukiyo-e and Hokusai especially, you won’t like to miss it), popular chestnut sweets store Obusedo and Matsubaya Honten is located close by Hokusai-kan museum.

I posted the reel video on Instagram here:

In front of Matsubaya Honten brewery in Obuse Nagano

As you can see from the reel video, he kindly showed us inside and let us taste their sake. We also got to taste the unsold aged sake.

It’s a very small sake brewery located in the historic town. Please give a visit one day!

From sake tasting scene – the front circle-ish area is where the steamer Koshiki will be placed