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Newly launched sites by German sake experts: Kurashu, Aged Sake and Sake Lovers DE

Nov. 16. 2021
by Kyoko Nagano

Happy to see there are more and more German sake enthusiasts launching business in Germany and Japan! The more the merrier, right?

1. Launched in Japan by 2 Germans, Benjamin Knopp and Philipp Maas: Kurashu

The innovative thing about Kurashu is their sake profile algorithm, which creates a unique “sake taste profile" for each customer and then recommends the sakes best suited to them. The quiz to discover your own “sake taste profile" is short and fun and can be taken here:
Kurashu also works exclusively with small, family-run breweries from around Japan that both have great sake and an interesting back story, and profiles them extensively on their website.

2. Launched in Munich Germany by 2 Germans, Kai Draeger and Alexander Rudolph: Aged Sake DE

The Uniqueness about is that Aged Sake is still an undiscovered market and not even known here in Japan. Based in Germany (Munich) you can get easy access to their unique craft Aged Sake selection through their online shop. Check out their Website and make direct contact under

They feature a broad range of Aged Sake styles from sherry like Koshu styles to light aged Jukuseishu styles that are great food companions. All sake are directly and personally selected at small family owned craft sake breweries with unique terroir. 

Direct export and import allows them to do good pricing of this very rare and limited species of Sake.

They sell online to bars, restaurants and shops and also directly to consumers in Germany and the EU. 

You can read more about Aged Sake at Sake Geek under 

3. Launched in Hamburg Germany by Female sake expert bridging Japan and Germany, Mariko Schmitz:Sake Lovers DE

Sake Lovers DE's unique approach to sake is their emphasis on the handicraft and expertise that goes into each bottle of sake. To help this tradition flourish, founder and Sake Sommelier Mariko has personally selected award-winning sake from small-scale craft breweries throughout Japan that highlight the drink’s unique qualities. All of Sake Lovers DE’s premium sake selection can only be obtained via their sales channels and partners. 

Additionally, Mariko aims to spread knowledge and educate about the Japanese Culture, breweries and brewmasters behind the products in her lineup by offering regular online brewery tours and tastings, Seminars and dinners. These events serve to give backstories and faces to the various sake that Sake Lovers DE are offering and enable a unique experience for customers. 

Besides her love for Sake, Mariko is a gourmet and very interested in food pairings, she educates the catering industry on sake pairings and guides her customers to pick the right Sake to match with any food.

Please check them out, if you want to learn more:

They sell to bars, restaurants and shops and also directly to consumers in Germany and the EU. Inquiries welcome via