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Miyoshikiku sake fans

Miyoshikiku Shuzo – sake making experience in Miyoshi-city, Tokushima prefecture

Jun. 05. 2023
by Kyoko Nagano

A group of sake geek visited Shikoku island and participated sake making during the Golden week holiday! We also visited other sake breweries during the Golden week including Tosa Shuzo, Tsukasa Botan, Kamikokoro shuzo and more but the highlight of the trip was definately the sake making at Miyoshikiku Shuzo, a sake brewery located in Miyoshi city Tokushima prefecture.

We started off with having a drinking party at the brewery with fantastic lineup. Their daughters say, whenever they come back home, there are new lineup appearing and they can’t catch up with what’s going on. Probably they have more than 30 lineups and changing around in season as well. Miyoshikiku is known for animated labels – they are very kawaii (cute) labels which outstand compared with other breweries’ labels. Their sake taste more like white wine. Overall, their products are on a sweet side with nice acidity.

Miyoshikiku sake

There are hardcore fans of Miyoshikiku – Mamiya-san says, he got bashed by other breweries saying that they are attracting others with cute labels and not so much with sake taste but we don’t think so. It’s very different from typical sake that you know of but they are delicious. Mamiya-san says he’s walking on the wild side. Once rock-n-roller in Tokyo, has always been attracted to punk and rock music. Some sake labels include girl with a guitar.

3 bottles in the center got a girl and guitar design

We participated in sake making, rice steaming, removing sake kasu from yabuta sake pressing machine, pouring into bottle and labeling.

Koji rice making
Measuring and bottling.
Removing sake kasu (sake lees)

We visit Miyoshikiku sake brewery every year – next one is in Feb 2024.

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