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Kankiku Monochrome “super limited occational series”

Apr. 24. 2023
by Nick Cheng

The “Kankiku Meijo" has been climbing up the ladder on “Saketimes" list lately, and given the tough competition, it’s a precious find.

I tend to be a bit lazy in recommending drinks to others these days, unless I come across a sake that I can’t wait to share with everyone (like when you have your first love). However, the sake I had today is the one I have been recommending to everyone lately, and I have probably recommended it at least three times in the past week.

The first time I tried it was on the recommendation of the Kikisakeshi from a sake bar, and I couldn’t forget it ever since. Finally, I got my hands on it at the recent sake fair in Taipei.

Semaibuai: 50%

Sake Alcohol Content: 15%

Sake Rice: “Yamasake No.4" – A child of Yamadanishiki and Kinmonnishiki.

Mother of the dreamy rice “Sakemirai"

Yeast: M310 (Meiri) yeast.

Brewery: “Kankiku Meijo"

Location: Chiba Prefecture


The aroma is a juicy pear style with a hint of mild cream cheese.

It has a smooth but rich and mellow taste with a restrained acidity and a slightly sweet taste. I can also feel little bit of sparkling. I have to say that the sourness is not notable. Normally, Nama-Genshu has sharp finishing but this one has exceptionally long ending note with rich layers. “Kankiku Meijo" sake is brewed with hard water which is rich in minerals, they really brew a well-balanced sake.

Lastly, forget about pairing with food.

This sake can be drink solely, probably emptied before the Edamame bean is is served.