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Kamikokoro Shuzo – sake making experience in Asakuchi city, Okayama prefecture

Apr. 01. 2023
by Kyoko Nagano

In February 2019, a group of sake geek went to sake making at Kamikokoro Shuzo in Asakuchi city Okayama prefecture. We visited Kamikokoro again for the sake tour on later years but sake making experience took place in 2019. We love Kamikokoro and happy to go back anytime in heart beat.

Thanks to Rudolphe for making awesome video of sake making experience at Kamikokoro Shuzo. You can watch the video here:

Video is fantastic way to understand what kind of experience we had. So just to wrap up, here are some photos from the experience. Washing rice, koji making, bottling and labeling. We had such a great time with Mr. Fujii, the president of Kamikokoro and his staffs.

Mr Fujii introducing us about Asakuchi city
Koji making
Rice soaking
Pulling out from the water (draining water)
We got to mix the moromi mash

Rice is getting steamed. We love that smell! It looks magical in the picture!
Fun night tasting Kamikokoro’s sake with food!

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See you then!