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Interviews with sake breweries on Sake Lovers YouTube

Jan. 31. 2022
by Kyoko Nagano

Just the heads up! Do you know that Sake Lovers Inc has a YouTube Channel and interviewing small craft sake breweries? If you didn’t know and want to check out sake brewery videos or interviews, please follow our channel from here!

There will be more coming up! Be sure to check it out! (English caption available on YouTube)

Yuichiro Nishioka, the head brewer, President of Nishioka Honten in Ibaraki Prefecture
Mr. Kunihiko Nagano, the president of Tanaka Shuzoten in Miyagi prefecture
Mr. Junya Oikawa, the next president of Iwate Meijo in Iwate Prefecture
Ms. Nobuko Inaba, the head brewer from Inaba sake brewery in Ibaraki prefecture
Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, the head brewer and the president from Yoshidaya in Nagasaki prefecture
Mr. Shinji Seki from Maruse Shuzoten, the head brewer in Nagano prefecture

If you have any advice as to what you want to hear or what you to see, please let us know!

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