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Guide to Sake Kasu -Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb. 13. 2022
by Kyoko Nagano

I was asked to write about sake kasu for Japanese Food Guide. Do you know much about sake kasu? There is a writing about sake kasu on Sakegeek Mid Level 09 but I deep dived for the Japanese Food Guide. Please take a look at here: I included health benefits based on research and how to use them.

Since tomorrow is the Valentine’s Day, I made sake kasu truffle.

Sake kasu chocolate truffle – using dried fruits and nuts and 3 tbsp of honey. Sake kasu is from Gonda Shuzo.

Just mix 100g of sake kasu (I used Gonda Shuzo’s Junmai Daiginjo sake kasu – nerikasu) and chopped roasted nuts and dried fruits and mix 3 tbsp of honey and put 1 tbsp of cocoa powder. After shaping it, I dipped in cacao powder and sprinkled the powder more. There are many ways to use sake kasu so hope you will enjoy reading the guide and explore recipes in cookpad etc! Nutritious, healthy and tasty!

Ingredients I used. (Nuts were roasted afterwards and all chopped smaller) You can adjust the taste of sweetness by reducing or adding the honey. Depending on the softness of the sake kasu paste, you might want to try using different ingredients. For instance, add prune and make it like a paste instead of using sugar or use coconut sugar instead of honey. Check the texture of the sake kasu and decide what to choose.

By the way do you know how many ways to give chocolates in Japan? Giri Choco, Tomo Choco, Honmei Choco? If you don’t know, you can read it from here. Itadakimasu!