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Gonda Shuzo – sake making experience in Kumagaya city, Saitama prefecture

Dec. 01. 2023
by Kyoko Nagano
Gonda family (Photo by Kyoko)

We had an opportunity to go to Gonda Shuzo in Saitama in November to participate sake making!

Gonda Shuzo is located in Kumagaya city, Saitama prefecture. Their official website is here:

The heartwarming family has greeted us with a big smile and we all became part of their family at the last day.

We experienced washing rice, steaming rice, cooling rice, koji rice making, rice cooling, mixing the moromi the fermented mash. At night, we enjoyed having dinner and sake at the brewery.

Can’t thank enough for Gonda family for their hospitality and the delicious dishes prepared by Gonda mom. Here are some of the pictures from the experience.

Charlie and Greg making Koji rice
Koji making
Rice cooling
Stirring moromi mash
De-koji – drying out koji rice
Gonda brothers and participants of sake making
Thanks to Gonda family – we are now part of a big family!

We plan to go to Gonda sake brewery for sake making every year in November.

If you want to sign up on sake making, be sure to mark your schedule in November (it would be in early November) for amazing experience. If you want to be informed, be sure to send us email at so we will inform you about next time!

Also, we are planning to go to sake making in February 2024 at Miyoshikiku sake brewery in Tokushima prefecture. We go to sake making once or twice a year and we go visit sake breweries every month. Last month, we visited Azumanada again. Nick san wrote about the visit so check it out! So be sure to contact us or sign up on our newsletter or follow us on facebook at – hope to see you soon!

All the photos are taken by Kyoko Nagano