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A guide to Amazake

May. 27. 2022
by Kyoko Nagano

There are many delicious amazake made by sake breweries (non-alcohol sweet and traditional drink) and thought I’d like to share the article which I wrote for Japanese Food Guide. Amazake is super healthy and delicious.

Here is some of my fave Amazake.

Terada Honke’s amazake is made from Moto that they make from sake making. Before it starts to brew alcohol, they pack it to make Ufufu, matured amazake. (Usually it only takes a day to make amazake but apparently it takes more days to make Ufufu at Terada Honke. The brewery awaits for ambient lactic acid bacteria in the moto)

Senjo sake brewery makes 3 different kinds of amazake. My fave is this blue label one which uses white koji.

Also I just received this red koji (Akakoji) amazake from Buyu sake brewery in Ibaraki prefecture below. It’s my favorite amazake! Lovely pink color and delicious.

Buyu sake brewery’s Amakoji Amazake. Fantastic.

I drink non-alcoholic Amazake in the morning and drink sake at night.

My day would be complete. I recommend you to do the same! LoL