Kinteki Shuzo



Kinteki Shuzo

Signature brand Kinteki
Location 71-7 Shin Shintostukawa Chuo Kabato, Hokkaido, 073-1103
Est.Year 1906
TEL / FAX 0125-76-2341
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Explanation Prestigious of imperialism than ancient times, Nara Prefecture Yoshino-gun Totsukawa our shintotsukawa that seek and Haha-mura the township is located in the northern end of the center Kabato District of Sorachi, the mother of Hokkaido become east “Ishikari”, to the westIt is nestled in the bosom of the worship “Pinneshiri”, both Sanga mountain of God, rich in change throughout the year, winter is not particularly not written in the purport sake, in infiltered chilly severe cold zone that does then, is blessed with snow many clean air you.
In addition, “sake from good water” is said to the, was charged water is praised and life of liquor, and originate in Pinneshiri mountain range, the intake of the subsoil water of “Tokutomi River” to create a Horei snow Shimizu flows in the clear and cold look, rice, mellow taste made YutakaAtsushi using carefully selected brewing suitable rice. Since its founding in 1906, followed by that “kinteki” it is, in Hokkaido, have been lovers in particular Nada, from people as liquor over to sake of Fushimi.

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